Friday, February 15, 2013


Imagine waking up in the morning and looking at the land around you and knowing that this piece of property is your hard work and determination of working towards a dream. Imagine the beautiful garden waiting to be tended to and providing your family with home grown nutritious fruits and vegetables. Imagine having a fresh supply of milk and eggs. Being able to provide your family with quality meat and knowing exactly how the animal that is now feeding your family was taken care of. There is a sense of peace one gets from knowing where their family food comes from. Sure this is a small part of the many reasons that we want to homestead but it is the main reason.

So, why not just start providing these things for your family now? This is a question we get asked a lot. For the most part we do. We have laying hens that provide our family with fresh eggs. We purchase broilers (meat chickens) every spring and butcher in the fall that supplies our family with some of our meat. We purchase pork through a local processor instead of the grocery store. We plant a garden and preserve the harvest to enjoy through the year.We make our own butter, yogurt, and bread. We use cloth napkins, cloth "paper" towels, cloth diapers. We cook most of our food from scratch. We make our own laundry soap, and cleaners.

However, we do not own our house and only have an acre of land. We cannot have large animal livestock. Also, by saving and planning we will be able to own our homestead. We will be able to have the animals and gardening space that we desire. We will be able to make improvements to the house so that we can become more self sufficient. We will be able to have something that can be passed down to our children. We will be able to earn a small income off our land at farmer's markets and direct sales. Our goal is once we move on to the homestead and work at paying down the mortgage (5 year plan) we will be able to invest our time into growing a successful organic farm business.

Other reasons that we want this type of lifestyle is we want our children to see that if you have the determination you can make anything happen. Yes, I know we can teach that to our children with out living a homesteading life style but there is no better lesson learned then physical proof and hands on involvement. We do not want our children to be drawn into consumerism and have the need to blow through their money on the next new gadget that comes out on the market. We want to teach them the skills of self sufficiency so when they are older they will know that they do not have to work the traditional nine to five job in order to live a happy fulfilling life.

We see many people that work their selves silly so that they can "keep up with the Jones" but this does not produce a happy life style. Instead most live stressful lives trying to keep up the consumerism lifestyle, work long hours to pay for these material items, and do not have as much time to spend with their family.

We were not always so budget conscience. We were so far in debt at one point in our life that we did not even know where we were going to get the money to put gas in the car and groceries in the fridge. However, I am happy to say that we are almost debt free. We still do have student loans (biggest financial mistake I ever made) and a truck payment (which will be paid off in 3 months, fingers crossed).  We have grown from our financial mistakes and have learned many things that has gotten us to the point we are now. We will always strive for bigger dreams but not in the sense of material items now we strive for personal goals and do not have the need to impress others. We live for our family and God.

Our Family Motto is:

"Love God, Work Hard, and Dream Big" by committing ourselves to these three things we live a very happy and mostly stress free life. We try our best to give our troubles to the Lord. We give 100% to everything that we do. We never stop dreaming.

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  1. Great post. Very informative and well said. I love maintaining our homestead. You get so much pride for your work. Thanks for linking up. Hope you will do again next week!

    1. Thank is a truly rewarding experience.

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